Catalogtree, Daniel Gross & Joris Maltha

Money & Speed

The project

Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box, is the first documentary genuinely produced for the iPad. Where television and computer screens melt into one. The design and the layered presentation of the information strengthen the content to such an extent that the best is extracted from the medium.


This iPad version of a VPRO documentary by Marije Meerman brings the best of two worlds together: the design and the layered presentation of information strengthen the content of the documentary.


Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box combines an intelligent way of presenting with all aspects of design. This iPad documentary makes an intelligent statement in a journalistic manner, which enables Money & Speed to create multiple layers of understanding.

— In TouchDoc, conversations with people directly involved are alternated with data visualizations and interactive info graphics' (BvL dutch design yearbook, 2011)

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