The project

In cooperation with Funcke Creatieve Partners

MultiTankcard (MTc) now offers a wide range of mobility services, such as refuelling, electric charging, parking, public transport subscriptions and bicycle rental, and facilitates payments between employees and employers. After years of being the market leader with the fuel pass, the company was confronted by newcomers in 2014. So MTc initiated a repositioning and was approached by Funcke Creatieve Partners. Over the last few years the client and commissionee have worked intensively together to rebrand MTc, to expand the services and strengthen the market position. Design has always been the medium for supporting strategic decisions and forming vision.


This is a text book example of how design can stimulate thought about a complete business model. Design is the catalyst for the fundamental expansion of the range of services. In addition, it is a clear example of how, as a design agency, you can build on a good relationship with your client: briefings came about through active sessions and brainstorming that resulted in a list of possibilities and perspectives, and that did not encroach on the creativity of the designers. The result: a clear proposition in which the design serves, as it should do for this product. A successful result, partly in thanks to good and long-term commissioning.

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