The project

Paperstorm is a clever digital campaign that simulates the physical properties of paper and the way leaflets scatter in the wind. The purpose of the campaign was to highlight the importance of the American Net Neutrality law after it came under pressure from the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). The campaign idea dates from the era of airborne leaflet propaganda: airplanes dropped millions of leaflets to spread a (political) message. The virtual Paperstorm presented Moniker with an unusual challenge: the creation of a scalable and navigable 3D environment. For which the designers used the latest technology. Paperstorm has had an unprecedented impact: in just 3 weeks, visitors distributed over 22 million flyers.


What asks you to do, is addictive. As a visitor to the website, you hover above Washington D.C.; at the bottom of the page is an endless pile of leaflets campaigning to keep net neutrality intact, addressed to Chairman Pai. By clicking on the leaflets, you scatter them over the building below, as the wind howls about your ears. The experience is beautifully executed, extremely tactile, with fantastic sound. Using designers for this was a smart move; the message is topical and effectively dispersed by the breezy approach.

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