Letman & Sprey

Poster series for Undercover parties

The project

Ordered by Undercover parties, an organizer of minimal house parties, Job Wouters created a new style by using the working method cadavre exquis. This is the idea of making a design together with designers without showing what he or she has made. On every Undercover poster there is a figure divided into four, which contains the information about the party. Wouters explains that he draws the head and then passes on the coordinates to the other designer or illustrator for where the neck should begin. Besides Yvo Sprey, KJ Rogaar, Freshco, Erosie and Stefan Glerum also worked on the series of 17 posters.


It does not happen very often that several designers work separately and then combine their productions. In the case of the series posters for Undercover parties, this working method creates a stunning design that is characterised by a strong autonomous character and extraordinary typography.

— The posters reflects designers working together and seperately at the same time.

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