Joost van Dongen


The project

Proun is a Pay What You Want (minimum $ 1) racing game of Dutch origin. You tear (in the shape of a little white ball) along a metal tube, avoiding various obstacles on the way.


The game includes exciting visuals and the game design is unique. The tactile aspect, often a difficult element in digital games, is conveyed well. Proun is made by one person, which is rare in the game world.


Proun has succeeded in translating art into the world of games. An interesting conversion of static, abstract forms in moving pictures and attractive graphics. The work of Lissitzky is very well known, which makes it risky to deploy it in such a manner. Joost van Dongen has done an excellent job. His interpretation was expressed in a striking visual language that in the gaming world is experienced as a new language.

— Proun is an intruiging race game that travels through a world referring to works of art by El Lissitzky, Kandinsky and Mondrian.

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