Fabrique i.s.m. Q42

Rijksmuseum website

The project

On the new website for the Rijksmuseum, when you open the site, the full-page images hit your eyes right from the start. The options, ‘Explorer the collection’ and the ‘Rijksstudio’ gives the visitor a good overview of the entire collection of the museum. In the design, the ‘tablet first’ principle is applied, with big buttons and wide navigation bars. This makes the website especially suitable for smartphone and tablet use.


With this website, the makers have increased the standard of museum websites. By providing high-resolution images, the collection becomes accessible to everyone. Moreover, the website is well organised, easily navigable, and enriching the museum experience. The website visitor is virtually drawn into the museum and invited to play with the collection.


For the unanimously praising jury, the Rijksmuseum website creates a new standard. The site is well organized, user friendly, and inviting from the moment you play with the collection. A welcome addition for those who have already visited the museum, with the possibility of another view. The website as a second museum.

— It is revolutionary that many works are freely available on the museum website, and you can zoom in, so deep often deeper than the Google Art Project

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