The project

Design played a central role in the national and international repositioning of the Rijksmuseum, and facilitated a look and feel that built a bridge between centuries-old art and a contemporary public. The museum collaborated with Irma Boom, Christian Borstlap, Droog Design and Fabrique. Designers and design agencies were deployed for diverse projects: from the furnishing of the museum itself to the corporate image that is maintained both online (Rijksstudio.nl) and offline (and also included a stand at Salone del Mobile in Milan).



The Rijksmuseum has successfully repositioned itself both nationally and internationally with a striking contemporary appearance. With a small team, high quality has been achieved. Design has been deployed to generate impact and to appeal to people. Right down to the smallest details, it is visible that design was elevated to an integral component of the core vision, in a way that respects ancient art and never overshadows it.

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