Richard Vijgen & Thomas Kopperschlaeger

Rijkswaterstaat LEF future centre

The project

Policymakers, politicians and other interested parties can apply to the LEF Future Center if they are involved in projects in the areas of infrastructure or water management and decisions have to be taken or strategies determined. The center facilitates discussions and decision processes in workshops, in which participants are completely immersed in the interactive environment. Vijgen and Kopperschlaeger developed the audio-visual and interactive applications.


Policy officials, politicians, and other parties in the area of infrastructure and water management think out of the box in the LEF Future Center. Vijgen and Kopperschlaeger designed a space in which maps, pictures, videos, and info-graphics can be shown on the floor and walls. Discussions are initiated during workshops.

— The interactive environment of the LEF Future Center facilitates discussions and decision processes in workshops.

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