Socialistische Partij

The project

The new Socialist Party (SP) corporate identity is concentrated around a new logo. This is a star that Thonik has derived from the stalk of the tomato, the earlier SP symbol. In SP communications, principally seen on “sp here” and “sp now” campaign posters and flyers, the logo becomes a part of the whole graphic image as a full stop or letter. The star is both a symbol of hope and a light-hearted reference to the communistic, activist roots of the party.


The corporate identity of the SP demonstrates the “in your face” power of typography. The corporate identity is appropriate for a political party that is moving from an “anti” to a “mainstream” position. The pamphlet has a conservative feeling and the posters lay claim to their space. It is good that a certain person from Oss is not to be seen on those posters; that would be taking mainstream too far.

— Certainly a refreshing addition to the political landscape!

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