Website Rembrandt-Caravaggio

The project

Rembrandt- Caravaggio is a project on which the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum collaborated. As a complementary extension to the exhibition, the website intensively compares and contrasts the work of the two geniuses. By zooming in on the masterpieces detailed comparisons can be made of how the Baroque masters dealt with their subjects. More than 30 monumental paintings from the world’s great museums are scrutinized on the site in a beautiful and informative way. A unique presentation that adds a valuable experience to the museum visit.


The Rembrandt- Caravaggio website is a striking example of the value that the internet can add to the experience of and insights into art, in a way that even the real museum itself cannot offer. With the benefit of a refined, functional interaction design, users are intently involved in a true museum experience, whether 18 year olds or members of the ‘grey wave’. An inviting design is enriched with an intuitive interface that facilitates access to deeper levels of information. A wide range of possibilities is presented that need no further explanation. The masters themselves would be proud to see how their work was being treated today. Pure design, almost with the quality of an application, and certainly much more than a website! You get the feeling that you are in the museum itself rather than looking at your computer screen. Remarkably enough there is no voice-over to read the texts or any background museum sounds to complement the experience. Or are we asking too much as a jury?!

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