The eight committee chairs and jury members of Dutch Design Awards (DDA) are the experts in their field. In addition to their knowledge of the profession, they all have a great deal of passion for Dutch design. In the next eight columns they give you a glimpse into the broad field of design and the eight DDA categories they represent and judge.


Design Research: Angelique Spaninks
Is it about research on design, research through design or research by design, or all three at the same time? In her column, Angelique Spaninks provides a sneak peek into the category: Design Research.

Fashion: Liesbeth in ‘t Hout
How do you rate fashion? Why does it always seem easier to assess individual products or projects than the collection of a fashion designer? Liesbeth in ‘t Hout, shares her vision on fashion.

Service & Systems: Bert Hagendoorn
Collaboration between creative disciplines plays an important role in many digital design projects. And in that area Dutch designers have an important advantage. In this column, Bert Hagendoorn, introduces you to the field of digital design.

Communication: Roosje Klap
It is time to design a revolution for our profession, with endless possibilities that connect our disciplines with which we can take care of the world and humanity. You can read all about it in the column of Roosje Klap.


Product: Joost Alferink
In addition to the annual celebration of recognition and acknowledgement, the objective of the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) is more nuanced; what happens within the discipline (trends), what is the connection with the social debate, how do you get the larger audience involved in what we find so important; good (product) solutions for society? Joost Alferink tells you all about in in his column.

Young Designer: Saskia van Stein
Not a day goes by without us being confronted with images of a failing system. At the ecological, humanitarian and economic level we see the outcome of various types of crooked growth. The world around us has always been the stage and the stage for our actions, but have we, the actors on this world stage, outgrown the scene? We no longer seem to want to experience our connection with the evolutionary. In her written column, Saskia van Stein explores these important issues.

Habitat: JaapJan Berg
JaapJan Berg: ‘During the recent presentation of Dutch Design Awards, someone asked me about the meaning of ‘Habitat’. Both the questioner and I found my answer as brief as it was unsatisfactory: ‘Actually everything’.’ Read more about it in his column.

Best Commissioning: Pieter Aarts
How do we deal with the advancing digitization, the emergence of ‘fake news’ and the need for gathering objective news? In the column about design for organisations you will find the pressing questions of Pieter Aarts.


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