During the nine days of Dutch Design Week (DDW) you can see the work of Dutch Design Awards (DDA) winners Gispen & Simone Post driving by. They have both made a unique design especially for the Renault Design Rides which has been placed on the roof of the electric ZOEs.

The recognisable Design Rides are an indispensable part of DDW and annually transport about 60,000 DDW visitors from A to B. For nine days, 35 Renault Design Rides drive between the various DDW locations in Eindhoven. On top of each design ride, you can find a special object designed and made by a DDW participant. In this case, Simone Post, winner in the Young Designer category, and Gispen, winner in the Product category.

Gispen - Product 2019

Gispen has developed a golden miniature version of the Sett CE, the project with which they won a Dutch Design Award. The original sofa can also be seen in the DDA retrospective exhibition in VEEM. What makes this sofa so special is that it consists of 95% recycled material, a unique characteristic which is difficult to achieve in the production of soft seating furniture.

Simone Post - Young Designer 2019

The Design Ride of Simone Post features an object made of Vlisco fabrics. This object refers to her graduation work for Design Academy Eindhoven. At the time, she did extensive research for Vlisco into new applications for their production waste streams. The high level of waste material inspired her to take the initiative to use waste fabrics and other remnants in order to produce fully recycled carpets.

All DDA winners and nominees can be seen at DDW in the overview exhibition at VEEM. Do you want to know where you can find more DDA’ers elsewhere at DDW? Click here!


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