Fons Schiedon

But Along the Way Is Danger

The project

Designer Fons Schiedon made a short 3D-animated film But Along the Way There Is Danger for the Pictoplasma Festival 2010. Instead of making a realistic 3D film, Schiedon’s animation summons up an illusion that works in an alienating way. Schiedon explains that this is aided by the red-blue colour separation used to generate the 3D effect. In the animation we see a figure walking in vague surroundings where car headlights and flashing lights loom up. According to the makers, it is both an über-character and a non-character, which constantly changes its appearance. After he had completed the rough version, he started to manipulate the layers used to build up the animation in a most picturesque way. ‘By making holes in the 3D effect and reducing or increasing the distance between elements, he achieved all the strange side effects that give this leader its own personality.’


Designer Fons Schiedon made a short animation film for the German Pictoplasma Festival 2010, which was shown at the opening of the festival. You have to watch the three-dimensional animation with special glasses, although many members of the selection committee found the colour effects you see when you watch the animation without 3D glasses, much more attractive.

— That people do not precisely know what they are looking at, but still feel a connection, touches the essence of Schiedon’s basic principle.

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