Het project

Buycloud is a video-installation linked to a virtual speculation market and online land registry. The project by Studio Noa Jansma explores the exploitation of natural phenomena by offering clouds for sale. In doing so, Jansma wants to draw critical parallels between the past (colonialism), the present (climate change) and the future (extra-terrestrial occupation). Buycloud questions the fictional role of the notion of ownership and exposes the subtle absurdity of owning a piece of nature by quite literally selling air. All steps in the sale are justified by existing laws, methods, concepts or philosophies that we are accustomed to accepting and following in our society.



It was once decided that land can be an asset and Buycloud pokes fun at this concept in an original way. Noa Jansma questions the notion of ownership by making clouds saleable. A layered project with deeply rooted foundations and rationale. Jansma takes something simple and uses it to address just about all the major issues of our time; from art, technology and NFTs to the housing market, climate change and colonialism. She uses the system itself to ridicule it and makes you think. Highly detailed in an astonishing installation that also stands strong at home on a (mobile) website.

— ‘Noa Jansma uses Buycloud to ridicule the system itself and make you think about the major issues of our time’

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