MB > CO2

The project

MB>CO2 shows the impact of our daily data use on the planet. The data visualisation shows that our video meetings, binge-watching and AI algorithms have hidden consequences. By calling in via Zoom, this art installation makes an estimation of your data use and an accompanying C02 calculation and translates this into cloudy CO2 puffs that are blown into a planet-like biotope. Woven Studio raises questions about a more sustainable use of data and AI. Once we realise that a Zoom meeting is equivalent to driving 140 meters in a petrol-powered car, a streaming session generates 900 grams of C02 emissions and trading a single NFT costs 400 kilos of fresh air, the real consequences of our data use become clear.

Expert panel

MB>CO2 exposes things about our daily lives that we are unaware of. Our digital activities leave a trail of destruction that usually remains invisible. This installation is a clever visualisation of an abstract theme. Woven Studio applies technology in a highly relevant way that serves the narrative. MB>CO2 is accessible and easy to understand due to the direct link between cause and effect. This project excels on all fronts: concept, design, execution and effect. Thijs Biersteker succeeds in presenting an unpleasant reality without pointing the finger.

— “With MB>CO2, Thijs Biersteker and Woven Studio clearly highlight the consequences of our daily digital activities; a clever visualisation of an abstract theme.”

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