The project

Random Studio was commissioned by Gucci to create content for the interior of its new space in a department store in Chengdu, China. The designers transformed the walls into a flowing image. The digital fresco unfolds over 33 large LED screens and consists of layers of AI-generated images that blend together to create a constantly changing fantasy landscape. The once static architecture of the building changes into a living interior. Pictures of Chinese hibiscus and Florentine architecture from the fashion house’s homeland, combine with natural elements that create references to both past and present, and to local and cultural interfaces.

Expert panel

With great skill, Random Studio has created a visual language from AI that feels both hypermodern and classic at the same time. A refreshing visual for fashion brand Gucci. The screens have been cleverly integrated into the architecture of the building, almost as a kind of luxurious wallpaper that just happens to generate images. The self-trained AI model forms a highly detailed composition of elements. The combination of advanced technology with traditional oil paintings creates an exciting result, with an almost psychedelic aesthetic. This transforms the space into an inviting experience and emphasises the flair of the brand.

— “With the digital fresco Romantic Futurism, Random Studio has skilfully created a visual language using AI that fits seamlessly with the Gucci brand.”

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