Exposing NYPD Surveillance with Amnesty International


Het project

Inside the NYPDs Surveillance Machine is an interactive data visualisation that exposes the shocking range of facial recognition technology (FRT) in the city of New York. Users can map out a walking route through New York City and see where along the route you may be exposed to facial recognition surveillance. FRT is controversial in terms of rights to privacy, equality and non-discrimination. Superposition developed the tool based on the results of research carried out by Amnesty International that show that the use of this technology for mass surveillance promotes racism by the police. Various map designs stimulate the user to form an opinion and to sign the global petition.



Superposition cleverly uses design to make the world behind Amnesty International’s lengthy research reports comprehensible, tangible and concrete. Research and translation sublimely expose the pitfalls of artificial intelligence and recognition software. Inside the NYPD’s Surveillance Machine is thereby a particularly relevant project on the topical theme of surveillance. Superposition stretches the boundaries of a campaign into a tool that potentially has enormous scope. So, it is almost a shame that it goes no further than signing a petition. The platform draws attention to the problem; the tool unlocks completely new possibilities and could form part of a solution.

— ‘With Exposing NYPD Surveillance with Amnesty International, Superposition cleverly makes the world behind Amnesty International’s lengthy research reports tangible and concrete’

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