Part of a Bigger Plan & Christian Borstlap

Louis Vuitton

The project

Commissioned by Nowness, Christian Borstlap of Part of a Bigger Plan has created a new animation for Louis Vuitton. It is a graphic homage to the designer Louis Vuitton who in 1854 founded the famous fashion house.


Although the video has been made digitally, the illustration makes the authenticity and the analogue feel very tangible. The video for Louis Vuitton conjures up the romantic atmosphere of Paris. The unique signature Christian Borstlap, in which expertise plays a major role, is clearly visible. Each visual moment surprises and stirs the imagination.


This animation is an ode to the industrial revolution through the ages. There is a good balance between serious and playful, without ever becoming childish. We praise the multi-layeredness: the message, the execution, the historical value, the story and even some kind of mild self-mockery are all present and in balance. Analogue craftsmanship and digital mastery go hand in hand.

— Old and new come togethere here and the past is evoked in a medium of today. These two elements, the layering and the dash of humor make the film a pleasure to watch, even after you’ve seen it a couple of times.

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