Natura Artis Magistra

Natura Artis Magistra

The project

Artis (short for Natura Artis Magistra) brings people, animals and plants, art and heritage together in the center of Amsterdam. Artis renewed its design image at different levels, collaborating with several (landscape) architects, designers and artists, including VanLennep (corporate identity), Mijksenaar (signage), Fabrique (website), Dawn (‘Forgotten animals’ campaign) and Pàvel van Houten (wall paper Ledenlokalen)


Artis is in all areas of design (from corporate identity and signage to merchandise and new pavilions) aiming at the highest possible quality. The Commission praises the resolution to work with a group of external advisors who assist the organization in its decisions. The results are impressive.


Artis is seeking the highest possible quality in all areas of design (from house style and signage to merchandise and new pavilions). The independent commission – Pieter Aarts (DMN), Rita van Hattem (BNO), Luuk Ros (Adformatie), Roel Stavorinus (Metroel) en Esther Donders/Gerard Streng (both Heijmans) – praises the decision to make use of the services of a group of external (design) consultants who will structurally assist the organisation in its decisions, and calls the results impressive.

On Saturday evening, in Eindhoven, Dutch Design Awards rewarded Artis for its good clientship with the Best Client Award 2014. Quote from the jury report: ‘The management leading the organisation is obviously very inspired and has a clear vision. Also the designers were exceptionally pleased with this collaboration. They described the approach as thorough and professional. Artis has not put itself in the designer’s chair.’

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