The project

OPENRNDR is a modern, open source framework for creative coding. OPENRNDR is based on the creative nature of an artist or designer and combines this with the power of production-quality software. By iteratively sketching with code, unexpected things can be discovered and further developed. OPENRDNR is versatile enough to use for sketches, but also fast and robust enough to deliver (interactive) media installations of production quality. The platform is particularly suitable for the use of real-time data, for example in dynamic data visualisations or interactive installations. OPENRNDR is dedicated to building an involved and inclusive community of coders, designers and other users.


OPENRNDR is an innovative, open, cross-media and multidisciplinary platform for all designers and heralds a revolution for the profession. It is a living organism that facilitates and challenges the design community. The project opens the door to taking new steps in the field of data and data visualisation. This is a generous and technical feat that has been developed with equal amounts of infections enjoyment and dedication. RNDR focuses on the support and further development of the design community. It thereby connects and represents a new generation of designers who are not satisfied with traditional tools, but simply design themselves whatever they need – and they don’t stop there. The committee eagerly awaits the designs that will come about in the coming years thanks to OPENRNDR.

— OPENRNDR is a generous, beautifully designed platform of a very high quality, developed with infectious enjoyment. A revolution for the profession; a living organism that facilitates and challenges the design community.”

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