Studio Smack

Pimp My Planet

The project

Pimp My Planet was made by Studio Smack for the exhibition ‘HERE&THERE’. They made the animation as a trailer for a computer game that has not been developed yet. Pimp My Planet is a combination of animation and live-action video. The animation enables to manipulate our own world and at the same time it draws the attention to ask ourselves critical questions about boundaries of this manipulation.


The animation film Pimp my Planet shows in an entertaining way what you could do with the earth if you could reduce, move or deform continents and countries at random. The slick animation of the pimped globe raises a serious question. What are the boundaries of the makeability in a society that has come to take for granted that everything can be adapted continuously, from the car to the body.

— Pimp My Planet poses critical questions regarding the makeability of our society.

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