Kummer Herrman

The Sochi Project

The project

‘Slow journalism’ about the region around Sochi (Russia), where in 2014 the Winter Olympics were organized. Stories come together in a monumental publication and a traveling exhibition.


This complex multimedia project has been managed well: the design has been taken care of down to the tiniest detail and the guiding principle is clearly visible all through the entire project. The role of the designer here shifts from designer to content manager. Kummer & Kummer has assembled a multidisciplinary team that has collaborated admirably. The documentary presents this thorough research successfully.


The jury is impressed by the dedication, the courage and the perseverance that the researchers show in the completion of their project. The result is a meaningful, authentic story translated into various means of expressions and rich in depth. In The Sochi Project, information about an important and politically sensitive issue is not only unlocked, but also preserved for future generations.

— A large and complex journalistic project that forms a whole thanks to the detailed design

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