Kok Pistolet

Waar is Ekko


The project

To Ekko, the posters for the campaign of the festival for independent music culture Le Guess Who? in November 2012 also functioned as signposts. Once the posters were put up, the pre-printed surfaces were manually worked with paint, ensuring that each poster pointed the way to the pop venue, and made each poster unique.



The print work in particular is very refreshing in the visual language of theatre groups. It is not just a poster, but also a signage system. It is absurd and brilliant at the same time. Both online and offline, the campaign is properly implemented. Kok Pistolet opposes the established design aesthetics. The committee is convinced that commercial parties will copy this.


— The identities and posters Kok Pistolet makes for cultural organizations are charmingly playful and free, and at the same time quite clever and well thought-out - Bas van Lier, Dutch Design Jaaroek, 2013

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